Car Elevators and Garage Car Lifts
Pictured: Car Elevator Installation, NYC, NY (2016)

Car Lifts and Elevators

From homes to commercial properties to car garages, car elevators are the ideal solution for parking predicaments and spatial restrictions. If you are looking to install a car elevator, we're committed to helping you find the perfect fit for your needs. If you already have a car lift installed, our skilled technicians specialize in comprehensive maintenance, modernization and repair services as well.

Why consider a car lift?

Whether it be for your home or commercial property, a car lift for cars is the perfect way to consolidate parking and maximize the use of your space. Residential car lifts will increase your living space, allowing you to make the most of your property. Car elevators in condominiums and other living complexes increase the amount of residents the property can accommodate. Car elevator garages in public areas increase the number of vehicles that can be accommodated and improve the facilitation of traffic in the surrounding area.

Car Elevator Installation

Your space, whether it be a private property, living complex or parking garage, will determine the extent of your needs. Ranging in size and complexity, car elevators can accommodate many different applications. One of our highly trained car elevator installers will assess the intended use of your elevator to determine the optimal speed and capacity.

Car Elevator Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

We are dedicated to offering thorough services that ensure your machinery is always operating optimally. Our full inspection service checks that the unit is running safely and efficiently. Our comprehensive routine car elevator maintenance service includes the lubrication of equipment and adjustment of parts. Finally, our car elevator and lift repair services encompass everything from the diagnosis to the replacement of parts.

Car Lift Modernization

From improving its appearance to maximizing its function, our elevator technicians will work with your existing elevator to bring it up to speed. Updating an elevator ensures efficiency while minimizing the costs and hassle of repairs down the line. To learn more about the possibilities, see our modernization page.

Types of Car Elevators

Our elevator technicians are well versed in working with an extensive range of brands, makes and models of car lifts and elevators. This flexibility allows us to personalize each and every service to meet your individual needs.

Contact The Car Lift Professionals Today

No matter if your property is a home, commercial building or parking complex, a car lift or elevator will maximize your space and simplify your life. Our highly trained car lift technicians are experts in the installation, maintenance and repair process. Even more, they are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service while installing the highest quality units. Let us show you what our years of experience can do for you. Give us a call at 866-658-9296 or email.