Types of Elevators
Pictured: Elevator Shaft, RIU Plaza Times Square, NY (2016)

Elevator Types

G-Tech has taken great pride in its adaptability over the years and our clients have benefited. Our elevator technicians have worked with an incomparably extensive range of elevators types and manufacturers. The diversity of the brands, makes and models we install, repair and service allows us to present the best options for your building's elevator needs.

What Types of Elevators Does G-Tech Work With?

Although it may seem difficult to decipher, elevators can drastically range in type, capacity and capability. The type of elevator you chose depends on your individual building and the intended purpose of the unit.

Helping Clients Make Sound Investments

Our extensive knowledge and background allows us to educate our clients, helping them understand their options and make an educated decision. At G-Tech, we specialize in working with both commercial and residential elevators. Elevator types G-Tech installs, repairs and maintains include...


Short for Machine Room Less, MRL elevators take up less space and require less equipment than typical overhead traction elevators. This makes them a good option for applications that need the benefit of a traction elevator but have a low bulkhead. Typically these are seen in low to mid-rise applications up to 500 FPM.

Overhead Traction Elevator

Traction elevators are powered by a series of ropes and sheaves connected to an electric motor. Their higher speed lends itself to mid and high-rise buildings.

Hydraulic Elevator

Hydraulic elevators are powered by a piston that lifts the elevator cab. This is done with an electric pump moving hydraulic oil. The low complexity and lack of overhead machinery limits their use to shorter buildings.

Passenger Elevator

Passenger elevators transport people between floors and range in size, shape and speed. They can be either traction or hydraulic depending on the building itself and the intended use.

Residential Elevator

Residential elevators are ideal for multi-floor homes. Home elevators are designed to be compact, efficient and improve your quality of life.

Service/Freight Elevator

Freight elevators, also known as service elevators, transport people or materials between floors. They are composed of platforms or cages moved in a vertical shaft.

Handicap Elevator & Chair Lift

Handicap elevators are the perfect solution for universal accessibility. If you already have an existing unit, wheelchair lifts can be built to blend seamlessly.

Car Lift

Car elevators are the ideal solution for parking limitations. If you have considered improving the parking situation at your home or building, car lifts are a cost effective solution.

What Brands Does G-Tech Work With?

Our goal is to ease your stress by lending our knowledge, background and expertise. We work with an expansive range of brands to accommodate your individual preference. If you're looking for maintenance, repairs or inspections, our experts have got the tools and ability to accommodate your existing brand. If you're looking to install a new elevator, our experts will personally walk you through your expansive elevator options. When choosing a brand, you should consider price, power and aesthetics. The following list is a sampling of the elevator brands G-Tech has extensive experience installing, repairing and servicing:

  • HM Elevator
  • Imperial Machines
  • Motion Controls
  • Canton Elevator
  • Torin Machines
  • Matot
  • Custom Elevator
  • Elevator Controls
  • Harmar Lifts
  • Hollister Whitney
  • Smartrise Engineering
  • GAL

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Elevator systems are complex and costly investments. Whether you're installing a new unit or repairing an old one, our experts will present options matched to your specific requirements. With step-by-step guidance, and our dedication to superior customer service, we will ensure you make a sound investment in your building's future. Give us a call at 866-658-9296 or email us and speak with an elevator expert.