Types of Elevators
Pictured: Overhead Traction Elevator, RIU Plaza Times Square, NY (2016)

Overhead Traction Elevators

G-Tech specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of traction elevators. Our technicians work with the most prestigious elevator brands to deliver unsurpassable results every single time. This array of options enables us to help you find the best fit for your building's height and function.

What is an Overhead Traction Elevator?

Traction elevators are driven by an electric motor that is connected to a series of cables and sheaves. These cables move around the sheave and are connected to the elevator cab and counterweight frame therefore creating vertical movement of the cab. This elevator's complex machinery allows it to travel at high speeds. It also extends its use to mid and high-rise buildings.


Not only are traction elevators faster than hydraulic elevators, they also allow for a greater control over the speed. In addition, traction elevators solely rely on their motors to overcome friction. As a result, they utilize less energy.


Geared Traction Elevator

Geared traction elevators are powered by a gearbox connected to the motor. The gearbox causes the cables and sheave to move. This type is mainly limited by speed.

Gearless Traction Elevator

For this application the motor and sheave are not physically connected. The sheave which acts as the rotor rotates around the stator in which electromagnetic fields are generated creating rotational movement. As a result, it has a much higher speed capability than geared elevators, enabling it to serve high-rise structures. Although they are more expensive to install, gearless elevators employ less energy in the long-run.

What Traction Elevator Manufacturers Does G-Tech Install, Repair and Service?

  • HM Elevator
  • Custom Elevator
  • Hollister Whitney
  • Imperial Machines
  • Torin Machines
  • Elevator Controls
  • Smartrise Engineering
  • BTS Traction Elevators
  • Motion Controls

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