Freight & Dumbwaiter Elevator Installation, Maintenance and Repair
Pictured: Freight Elevator Installation, Manhattan, NYC

Freight Elevators

Whether you're dealing with building materials, commercial goods or motor vehicles, it's crucial for your freight elevator to be functioning at the highest level of efficiency with minimum downtime. G-Tech understands your freight elevator is your buildings lifeline, and our specialized technicians repair, maintain and install only the highest quality elevators. Even more, if you are in need of a new freight elevator or dumbwaiter, we'll help you choose the perfect elevator to accommodate the specific materials and goods you'll be transporting.

Why consider a freight elevator?

As opposed to a passenger elevator, a freight elevator, or service elevator, transports goods and building materials, it's the most efficient way to transfer hefty materials. Because of this, it's the key to streamlining your business, making all aspects more efficient.

What is a dumbwaiter?

Dumbwaiters are a smaller scaled down version of a full size freight elevator. Dumbwaiters are beneficial when space is limited and loads are light, Typical applications for dumbwaiters include restaurants, schools and hospitals.

Freight Elevator Installation

Freight elevators range in size, speed and capacity. The type of freight you deal with will determine the type of elevator you need. Our elevator technicians have installed units to transport everything from trucks to construction materials to dinners in a restaurant. If you're interested in a scope, one of our experts will come to your property and evaluate your needs. For more details, visit our elevator installation page.

Freight Elevator Inspection, Maintenance or Repair

All of G-Tech's elevator services are geared toward ensuring your unit performs optimally. Our comprehensive freight elevator inspection evaluates the efficiency and safety of your unit. Our elevator maintenance is a routine service that covers everything from the adjustment of parts to the lubrication of equipment. Finally, our elevator repair begins with a thorough diagnosis and ends when you're unit is back up to speed. No matter what service you're seeking, you can count on G-Tech to go above and beyond. Learn more about these services by visiting our maintenance and repair service pages.

Elevator Modernization

Freight elevator modernization takes your elevator's appearance and function to the next level. By updating the machinery and engineering, our expert technicians will help your current elevator reach its maximum efficiency. Even more, we'll reduce the cost and hassle of future repairs. To learn more about the benefits, visit our elevator modernization page.

What types of freight elevators does G-Tech install, repair and service?

At G-Tech, we pride ourselves on our customized elevator services. Whether you're seeking small or large freight elevator or dumbwaiter, we have the expertise, experience and resources to get it done. To further customize our service, we work with an expansive range of brands, makes and models.

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With a strong emphasis on customer service, our elevator technicians are committed to delivering the highest quality installation, inspection, maintenance and repair. From factories to hotels and resturants, our experience in dealing with all types of service elevators speaks to our versatility. To speak with an expert, give G-Tech a call today at 866-658-9296 or email us and put our experience to work on your project.