Hydraulic Elevator Installation, Maintenance and Repair
Pictured: SE 10 Under Car, RIU Times Square Hotel, NYC (2016)

Hydraulic Elevators

Regardless of the type of hydraulic elevator, we offer complete installation, maintenance and repair services. Even more, we work with an extensive array of brands, makes and models so that you can choose the perfect hydraulic elevator for your building and needs.

What is a Hydraulic Elevator?

Hydraulic elevators are powered by a piston and a hydraulic pump that move the cab up and down. The hydraulic pumps are fueled by hydraulic oil. The simplicity of this type of elevator eliminates the need for overhead machinery. In turn, however, its low level of complexity limits its use to shorter buildings, typically under 6 stories.


Holed Hydraulic Elevator (Conventional)

In this system, the elevator car is located on a piston that travels inside a cylinder that extends into the ground. The car rises when the fluid is pumped from the reserve into the cylinder through a valve. It descends as the fluid retreats back into the tank unit. The surface beneath the building must be able to accommodate the extensive digging required.

Holeless Hydraulic Elevator

In this system, the elevator car is located on the inside of the pistons. The pistons are responsible for raising and lowering the car. Holeless systems are ideal when digging in unfeasible due to bedrock or surrounding bodies of water.

Roped Hydraulic Elevator

This system increases the capability of the traditional holeless elevator as the rope contraption allows it to rise higher. The rope is connected to a dead end in the pit and the car itself.


Because hydraulic elevators are supported by the surface below the building, they forgo the need for extensive machinery. As a result, they are less complex than other units and utilize less space. This generally makes them less expensive to purchase and maintain as well.

What Hydraulic Elevator Brands Does G-Tech Install, Repair and Service?

As with all types of elevators, we are well-versed in an extensive range of brands. The following list is a sampling of the hydraulic brands G-Tech has extensive experience installing:

  • Canton Elevator
  • Custom Elevator
  • Elevator Controls
  • Smartrise Engineering
  • Motion Controls
  • Leistritz

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