G-Tech Elevator Company
Pictured: G-Tech Headquarters, 12 Sherman St, Linden, NJ

The Elevator Company

In the Beginning...

Dominick and Brock founded G-Tech Elevator Associates in 2010. Family owned and operated, G-Tech serves as a testament to the value of delivering a superior, customer-focused elevator service. With generations of experience in the industry, they started as a repair company and ultimately developed the extensive service they offer today. Constantly seeking innovation, G-Tech helped develop some of the first MRL packages in the area.

Dedication to Customer Service

G-Tech Elevator Associates was founded with a simple goal in mind- provide cutting edge vertical transportation that meets every need of each "individual" customer.

This devotion of every sales person, technician and mechanic to ensuring customer satisfaction has empowered us to deliver a truly customized service. For several years, we've worked with an expansive range of elevator manufacturers at an extensive range of sites.

What Sets G-Tech Apart from other Elevator Companies

Manufacturer Flexibility

Because G-Tech is an independent elevator contractor we are able to purchase non-proprietary equipment for a variety of designs. This allows us to work with whichever manufacturer best suits your project, needs and budget.

Time Efficient + Competitive Pricing

In addition, we've designed our service to be time efficient and prompt. As a result, we provide a quick lead time for drawings and material. These advantages, paired with our competitive pricing, have made us the go-to elevator company in the greater New York and New Jersey area.

Skilled Elevator Mechanics and Technicians

Because every G-Tech elevator technician is "in-house" trained, it guarantees our mechanics follow the industries best practices in offering a full suite of elevator services. Plus, each technician is OSHA trained and follows the best practices in safety protocol. Our highly skilled elevator mechanics specialize in installation, inspection, modernization, maintenance and repair. Plus, using top-of-the-line products from a range of manufacturers, each elevator mechanic is experienced in working with a variety of elevator types. These include Machine-Room-Less (MRL), Traction, and Hydraulic.

As an elevator service company, we guarantee that each customer is treated with honesty and respect. No other elevator company can deliver this level of service with this caliber of results.

G-Tech Elevator Associates Today

We pride ourselves on providing full monthly service routes with 24/7 callback. Our dedicated staff consists of over 50 highly skilled employees. Our staff works on projects ranging from 2 to 40 stops with speeds ranging from 15 FPM to 1000 FPM. With over 40 installations per year, our customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Contact The Elevator Professionals Today

Elevator systems are complex and costly investments. Architects, contractors and building owners have entrusted G-Tech Elevator Associates to deliver cutting edge vertical transportation to their buildings. Whether you're in the new construction phase or modernizing an existing elevator, the G-Tech elevator experts will present you with the best options for your requirements and budget. Give us a call at 866-658-9296 or email us and put our years of experience and success to work on your project.