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Pictured: PE 1-5 Machine Room, RIU, Times Square, NYC (2016)

Elevator Maintenance & Service

G-Tech provides comprehensive maintenance services designed to keep your elevator running as efficiently as possible, as well as increasing its safety, performance and lifespan. Not only do our routine services minimize the potential for breakdowns, they'll also maximize your elevator's performance in the long-run, preventing major issues that may lead to larger repairs, thus saving you money.

Every Elevator Needs Service and Maintenance

Safety and Efficiency

G-Tech's elevator service and maintenance is uniquely tailored to each customer's needs. To help increase elevator performance and decrease downtime, our technicians utilize the latest industry methods and technology available to us for your specific brand of elevator. They are equipped with the tools, documentation and knowledge to troubleshoot your unique system and have access to a comprehensive parts replacement inventory. If you're interested in routine elevator maintenance services, we'll evaluate your elevators' make and model to create a custom-designed maintenance plan. Finally, our technicians aren't done until we've ensured that your unit is up to code.

What Does G-Tech Elevator Maintenance and Service Include?

Our elevator technicians conduct everything from individual services to complete packages. We'll examine all equipment to ensure optimum operation. This includes adjusting components to maximize performance and promote safe operations. Even our oil and grease elevator service includes both cleaning and lubrication for smooth and efficient performance. Each service is followed up with a performance test. Even more, all of the work performed is documented on record logs.

How Often Does an Elevator Service / Maintenance?

Our elevator maintenance service it typically conducted on a monthly or on a quarterly basis. The frequency of the maintenance necessary depends on the type of elevator and extent of its use. Our experts recommend continuous maintenance as a preventative measure to optimally protect your elevator's structure and future.

What types of elevators does G-tech maintain and service?

G-tech maintains and services a wide range of elevator types and manufacturers.



  • HM Elevator
  • Imperial Machines
  • Motion Controls
  • Canton Elevator
  • Torin Machines
  • Matot
  • Custom Elevator
  • Elevator Controls
  • Harmar Lifts
  • Hollister Whitney
  • Smartrise Engineering
  • GAL

Contact the Elevator Maintenance and Service Professionals

G-Tech provides cutting edge vertical transportation to the NJ and NYC areas that your company can rely on. Routine service and maintenance plays an essential role in achieving reliable, safe elevator service. Give us a call at 866-658-9296 or email us to discuss maintenance and scheduling options designed to keep your elevator running efficiently and safely.