New Jersey

Intro About NJ

New Jersey is a diverse state with much opportunity for families and businesses alike. As the most densely populated state, New Jersey boasts an active consumer profile. In addition, with its proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia, New Jersey is in a prime location to have the perks of living in a large city without needing to deal with the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Businesses benefit from choosing New Jersey as their home because of this perk, as well as the large variety of different industries that are present in the state. Some of the most popular industries include biopharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and transportation.

New Jersey’s Business Environment

New Jersey supports a wide variety of business types, ranging from small family-owned businesses to national corporations. The diversity of the consumer population in New Jersey allows retail-based companies to thrive, and the proximity to major cities as well as major United States transportation hubs provides larger corporations with the ability to be successful. Within the New Jersey Department of State is the New Jersey Business Access Center, which is responsible for coordinating all business activities in the state. They provide copious start-up and professional resources free of charge in order help your business achieve success in New Jersey. NJ is most notable for its tourist, pharmaculitcal, and service industires, which also inlcudes a booming construction sector including building contractors and elevator compaines, ' as G-Tech Elevator Associates. All in all, in choosing to locate your business in New Jersey, you are setting yourself up for success because of the multitude of support resources that will be at your fingertips.

Major Cities

Jersey City, NJ

Located across the Hudson River from New York City, Jersey City is currently experiencing a great deal of growth. It is the second largest city in New Jersey behind Newark, and therefore has the many perks found in cities throughout New Jersey. The diversity of cultures, nationalities, races, and religions found in Jersey City is similar to that of the much larger New York City because of its proximity to the city as well as the presence of major immigration ports in Jersey City itself, which drives success in the economy. This wide diversity of people found in Jersey City supports the potential for a large variety of businesses to thrive, with each business filling the niche of a different population. Additionally, not only do Jersey City business owners reap the benefits of consumers coming from New Jersey, but also consumers from nearby New York City frequent Jersey City businesses. Last, Jersey City business owners are able to enjoy the support of the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation, which is a nonprofit organization that serves the consumer and business owner population in Jersey City. Some of the services that they provide to their businesses include marketing support, technical assistance, and stimulation of neighborhood support to maximize business uptake in the community.

Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken is a city in New Jersey with close proximity to New York City. Located on the Hudson River, Hoboken sits as a major transportation hub between New York City and New Jersey, which sets it up as a prime location for economic development. Hoboken is consistently ranked highly in terms of best New Jersey cities to start a business, because of the many features of the city and resources that are available to those who choose Hoboken. First, Hoboken is known as a highly walkable city because of its small size. This provides businesses with a high level of foot traffic that will draw individuals into the stores. Also, the Hoboken Department of Economic Development is invested in your success. They provide workshops and programs for small business owners as well as marketing events to promote businesses in the area.

Edgewater, NJ

The borough of Edgewater, now mainly a residential area, is characterized by its rich history as an industrial center. In the early 1900’s, Edgewater was a major hub for transportation of goods because of its location on a major waterway as well as the multitude of railway tracks that crossed through the area. Now, the beautiful residential areas are complemented by a River Walk alongside the Hudson River, which is the center for the economy in Edgewater. The five major shopping areas are located on the River Walk, providing shoppers with an enjoyable and picturesque shopping experience. The most popular industries in Edgewater center around retail, restaurants, and entertainment. The Edgewater Borough government provides extensive support to businesses hoping to choose Edgewater as their location for business, making it a great choice for your company.

Cliffside Park, NJ

Cliffside Park is a charming small town west of New York City that is comprised largely of residential and shopping areas. Only one square mile in size, the town has one main avenue that spans the town called Anderson Avenue, which is where most of the businesses lie. Because Cliffside Park has a small town feel in terms of its governance and culture, the town leaders take responsibility for the success of business owners in the town. Therefore, by choosing Cliffside Park as the location for your business, you will be joining a community that will support you wholeheartedly throughout the genesis of your company.

Newark, NJ

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey, and has been growing in popularity and success in recent years. This can be attributed to the work of several non-profit agencies ' as the Newark Alliance, which focuses on improving the business and residential environments in Newark for all residents, business owners, and visitors. They are continuously improving the city in various aspects, and will work alongside new businesses to ensure that they are successful. Additionally, Newark gets a high volume of traffic due to its nature as a major transportation hub for the tri-state area. Over 100,000 individuals commute to Newark each day for work, making the city a great choice for a new or existing business. Last, as compared to the property prices of New York City, Newark provides residents and business owners with the opportunity to access affordable space while also having easy access to all that New York City has to offer. While the major industries present in the city include manufacturing, transportation, and technology, city officials will provide you with the support to help any business flourish.

Weehawken, NJ

Weehawken is a residential town located across the Hudson River from New York City. Although it is only minutes away from the busy center of New York City, Weehawken sticks to its residential roots and boasts an economy full of family-owned restaurants, shops, and other small businesses. Additionally, business owners are able to benefit from the beautiful panoramic view of New York City that can be seen from the coastlines of the town, which draws visitors and residents to their storefronts. Although small businesses do dominate the majority of the business population in Weehawken, several large corporations including IBM have chosen Weehawken as the location for their business. The Township of Weehawken hosts several meetings and events monthly to allow for networking between business owners and foster a positive community that allows businesses to prosper in the town.

Conclusion About NJ

All in all, New Jersey is a prime choice for all businesses. First, the wide diversity and high density of the population provides businesses with a large consumer base. Next, the adjacency of New Jersey to both New York City and Philadelphia allows businesses to benefit from the innovative and consumerist culture of the cities, while also retaining the small town feel of the classic New Jersey town. New Jersey town governments are very receptive to helping small businesses thrive, and have departments set aside for just this purpose. Your business will be set up for success if you choose to begin in New Jersey.