267 Pacific St
2 HM MRL Elevator Installation, Brooklyn, NY (2014)

267 Pacific St

Brooklyn, NY

PE2 Elevator Car

PE2 Control Panel

PE2 Car Ceiling

PE2 Car Floor

PE1 Rooftop Elevator Bank

Rooftop Control Room

Rooftop Control Room

Cooling and Power

PE2 Control Box

PE2 Elevator Pit

PE 2 Overhead

PE 1 Overhead


267 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201


August 2014

General Contractor

Dynatec Contracting Inc.


GF 55 Partners



Scope Of Work

PE 1: MRL - 9 Stops - 2500 LBS - 350 FPM
PE 2: MRL - 8 Stops - 2500 LBS - 350 FPM

Manufacturers Used

HM Elevator & GAL Manufacturing Corp.

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